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A new addition to the family: Cash… the man in black.  🙂



Sophie’s first grade class had a musical performance on Friday.  Each kid got to place an instrument and Soph was selected for the gong.

She had the best time, and took her role quite seriously.  She never missed her cue (though was late a couple times) and did a big wind-up each time.



Sophie was Star of the Week in her kindergarten class last week.  Here is a walk through her poster:

Her 3 wishes:
1) I wish I had a pony
2) I wish I could have [my own] dog
3) I wish I could fly

Her favorite things (clockwise):
Johnny Cash
birthdays (and cake)
bunk beds

Things I don’t like:
getting my hair brushed
crying babies (poor Quinn)
getting shots
gymnastics warm-ups (not to be confused with gymnastics itself…)

When I grow up I want to be:
a large animal vet

In addition to this poster, she had “sharing” each day (3 days of which involved me schlepping our pets to bring in), and homework involving, in addition to the poster:

– taking their class mascot (a teddy bear) overnight for adventures,
– taking home the class phone book and calling 3 classmates on the phone,
– putting something in the classes “estimation jar” (pine cones), and
– putting something in the “surprise box” (Ace’s collar)

By the end of the week I was exhausted…

Go ‘Bows!

Sophie and her friends had a playdate with our next door neighbor, Tinkerbell the donkey.

It was “mustache day” (??) at school today.
Sophie and her pal Anna took it very seriously.

A cherished Big Sis gift from Auntie Kik.

Memorial Day weekend at Lake Tahoe.


We are a boot-loving family.

I got mine on a trip to South Dakota.  Scott got his in Colorado.  Sophie’s came as a gift from Tita.

And Quinn’s just arrived from Texas (thank you, David & Ethel!).