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Yes, the scarecrow and wicked witch were there, too.

We talked about dressing up Ace as a flying monkey, but it became unwieldy for trick-or-treating…



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Sophie’s birthday party was at a local park.  She had lots of friends and a fun western theme.  The kids planted succulents as party favors.  Yes, a pinata, too.

She decided to forgo gifts in lieu of donations to our local humane society….  Her idea and I couldn’t have been prouder.

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SEVEN.  (gasp)

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May Day brings a parade to our town.  This year, Daddy raced the Fun Run (and won!) and Sophie marched with her vaulting club.  There were vintage cars, marching bands, theatrics and a carnival.

Fun day.


May Day 2013-2

Sophie was in the parade with her vaulting club (including the horses).

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Our holidays have been a little off this year.

Our arrival was delayed due to weather and when we finally made it, Sophie threw up in the grocery store.  Charming.

This virus made it’s way through nearly the entire family (including me on Christmas), so while we were in various states of convalescence (everyone but Scott who thankfully remained healthy), we still had a great time.




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While Daddy was out of town at a race, the rest of us went to our beloved Kings Mountain Art Fair to revel in the crafts of artists, and support or local volunteer fire department, all among the redwoods.
A favorite tradition.