Sophie Jane and Quinn Carlysle are sisters who also have 3 fur-siblings: Martha (big dog), Ace (small, one-eyed dog) and Oliver (3-legged cat). To say the animals are tolerant is an understatement.

Sophie Jane is warming up to her sister’s (not at all) abrupt entry into our family.  At 4 and 1/2 her life revolves around going preschool, carrying the cat to different locations in the house, figuring out ways to get one more book in before bedtime, and trying to convince us that chocolate milk is a good idea.  She has recently discovered School House Rock and can recite the Preamble to the Constitution like nobody’s business (we figure this will serve her well later, like it did for most kids of our generation…  ahem.).

Quinn sleeps, poops, cries (not a whole lot, but still), eats and occasionally looks around.  Sophie looks forward to the day there is a little more on Quinn’s agenda.